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We have successfully completed a wide variety of construction jobs ranging from new roofs and siding to complete window replacement and small to large additions. Take a look below to see some of our recently completed projects.



This home had old black shingles that were crumbling from the roof because of age BEFORE the storm accelerated the deterioration. The siding was faded and chipped. The rain gutters were dented and mis-shaped from years of ice dams and weathering. Paladin was able to identify storm-related damages to all of these exterior components. Our specialist met with a representative from the owner's insurance company, and proved that the nature of the damages required complete replacement. The insurance company settled, and the homeowners got a complete new exterior make-over for only the cost of their deductible, $250.00.

Harry called Paladin after a hailstorm, he saw us working to restore several of his neighbor's homes, and had noticed a small crack in his living room window. We inspected his house and discovered 4 additional windows with compromised seals or cracks, extensive damage to his roof, damage to all of the aluminum cladding around his doors, minor impact cracking to his shutters, and impact damage to his gutters. We met with his insurance adjuster, pointed out and explained the damages to him, and agreed on a settlement amount sufficient to completely replace all of the damaged components. Harry changed his colors to green and white - his house looks great!

Recently renovated exterior in Spring Green, WI. This home had obsolete white aluminum siding and an old 3-tab style shingled roof. After a violent storm went through the area, Paladin worked with their insurance company and restored their entire exterior. It looks like a new house!

This homeowner was told by an adjuster from his insurance company that he had no damage to his home, though all of his neighbors' homes had been damaged in the storm and were having repairs done. Paladin Construction contacted the customer's insurance company and requested a meeting at the property with the adjuster. Our experts were able to point out enough damage to secure a full roof and gutter replacement and back up our findings with some of the industry's top credentials.

Tim had old pressboard wood siding, 3 tab shingles that were curling up and deteriorating, and rusted and battered steel rain gutters. After a hailstorm passed through the neighborhood, Tim called Paladin. We inspected his home, documented all of the damages, and met with his insurance inspector. Paladin convinced the insurance adjuster to replace all of the windows in the house, replace the roof, replace all of the siding, and replace the gutter system. Tim and his family were ecstatic, and referred all of their friends to us!

Tornado in Appleton area

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